Melius is all about creating a harmony of the inner self and inner space. A cutting edge interior designing firm that strives to embellish the interior of your home and curate the best spaces for you while creating a harmonious balance of what matters most to you and what suits you best. Giving an elegant touch to every corner of your house and intricately designing the space with an artistic visualization to ensure an elevated lifestyle.

We are known for creating bespoke and stylishly elegant spaces be it home or workspace. The Melius team is led by award-winning interior designer Parul Khanna who believes even the most elegant and exquisite rooms have to be comfortable. It’s comfort first, comfort last and comfort always. She terms herself as an ‘Interior Energy-eer’ who blends energy, colors, style, and space to help you relax, rejuvenate and conquer the world. We invite you to embark upon a journey with Melius Interiors


Established over a decade back in Mumbai and Delhi with specialization in creating elegantly comfortable and exclusive interiors, Melius was founded by renowned entrepreneur Parul Khanna. What really makes us different from others is our mastery in blending elegant interior designs with the science of colors, energy and abundance living. This entire journey of conception, planning, and execution not only makes your home and workplace look beautiful from outside but also makes you feel beautiful and energized internally. We pride ourselves of mixing things up… making life more interesting; surrounding your space with objects of your choice, your love. With a talented team of young, dynamic and promising designers, architects and executors, we have been successful in carrying out multifold projects with the same creativity and ingenuity. Our Vastu expert Chhavi Sharma, with her years of experience, has been on board with us to charge your home and workspace with positive energy while being exquisite and welcoming to you.


Architectural Projects

Design for a new building
Schematic Design
Evaluation of Layout
Documenting Design

Interior Designing

Workplace Designing
Space Planning
Image Development
Material and Color Specifying

Project Planning

Office Campus Design
Infrastructure Designing
Industrial Campus Design
Streetscape Design
Multipurpose Campus Design
Mall Designing

Lighting and Furniture Design

Furniture selection
Customized furniture designing
Lighting Design
Signage Design
Accessories selection




A Mumbai based entrepreneur with interests in diverse fields: Parul is a Director in The Baga Marina Beach Resort, Goa and Trikaya Restaurant, Pune. She is MD of Studio 6 Interiors, Mumbai & Capital Plus, Dubai and CEO of Melius Interior Decoration, Dubai. Parul has also taken up the cause of ‘Women Empowerment’ and has been a proficient speaker on this subject in various forums and conferences.

Parul is renowned for her Gothic designs and her ability to have every place designed in a way that it has a story to tell: in rich velvets in blues and greens. The world has had enough of boring greys and beige. Life is all about beautiful rich color. Parul believes in ‘Today’ and advises her Clients to bring out their best in whatever they do… ‘Today’.


An architect by profession and an artist by nature, Bharat is responsible for bringing the toughest of designs to life. With a special passion for interior designing, he believes that the place where you live and where you work play an important role in the way you feel in real life.


Chavvi Sharma is a Vastu expert based in Canada who interprets the logical explanation of ‘Scientific Truths and Facts’ and helps us plan our designs according to the Vastu.


February 1


Featured on the February 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan as the women of steel who carved a niche for herself in a male dominated industry
June 1

Forbes Article

Forbes Article
Shared her entrepreneurial ideology in a Forbes Magazine Article in June 2018
August 15

Women Empowerment seminar

Women Empowerment seminar
Conducted an empowering session on women entrepreneurship at HR college, Mumbai in August 2018
September 27

Tassel Awards

Tassel Awards
Received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Tassel Awards 2018
November 20

Giants Welfare association

Giants Welfare association
Joined the prestigious Giants Welfare Foundation, Bandra presided by Shaina NC in November 2018
March 8

Crest HR consultancy, Mumbai

Crest HR consultancy, Mumbai
Celebrated Women’s Day 2019 by sharing her views on Women Empowerment at Crest HR consultancy, Mumbai
August 1

HR college- Business 101 seminar

HR college- Business 101 seminar
Gave an insightful seminar on start-ups and strategic execution at HR college in August of 2019
October 1

Women Achievers

Women Achievers
Parul Khanna – felicitated amongst 30 Woman Achievers


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